Steppin' Out in Pink


Team Jamie

My wife Jamie was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of this year.  Her treatment plan included four rounds of chemotherapy and surgery.  Although the chemo was very difficult, we were encouraged that her tumor responded well and shrunk drastically.  The final step was surgery.  We made our way to the hospital bright and early to be the surgeons' first case of the day.  Five hours later, Jamie was greeted by her concerned parents and me in the recovery room.  It was then that Jamie learned the doctors had given us glowing reports.  They said the surgery couldn't have gone better and that they were both very pleased!

A few days into recovery, Jamie received a phone call that the pathology report was in from her surgery. This typically comes one week after the procedure and is used to determine if there are still viable cancer cells present in the breast tissue that was removed.  And if so, how close those cells are to the margins of the skin. This determines if further treatment, such as radiation, is necessary. It was then that we learned:  THE CANCER IS DEAD!!!

What an incredible relief to be able to confidently and gratefully say, Jamie is cancer free!

Dahl Automotive has sponsored this important event since it's inception with hundreds of Dahl Team Members, friends and family participating.  This year is particularly special as we now also walk for Jamie.   

Thank you for your support!

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