Steppin' Out in Pink 2018

Some of Mom/Nana's biggest supporters!
Some of Mom/Nana's biggest supporters!

Donna's Breast Friends

Dear Team Mates,

Welcome to what I promise is a wonderful opportunity to have a really good time and do some great work for a really good cause! I extend a huge thank-you to all of last year's team participants not only for donating and/or walking but for the constant love and support my family and I received through our journey. I am very happy to report that while 2017 was a year of diagnosis, surgeries and treatments, the last half of 2018 is a time of no treatments. I am officially done with breast cancer treatment. It may seem odd, but it is a journey I do not regret, it was one of positivity and hope and lots of love. I could not have and did not have to do it alone. So please join us in September for a beautiful and fun-filled walk.

In humble gratitude,


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